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How can I access Spotify for Artists?
How can I access Spotify for Artists?
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How do I get access to my Spotify for Artists profile(s)?

This is easier than ever! With Record Union you get instant access to your Spotify for Artists profile - or profiles, if you manage multiple artists on Record Union.

Simply log in to your Record Union account, go to the Spotify for Artists page and select the artist you want to claim the profile for on Spotify for Artists.
Follow the steps to claim and verify your account via Spotify. You will then have access to the Spotify for Artists site. Done.

Can I claim separate Spotify for Artists profiles for my Record Union artists?

You sure can! You can connect any Record Union artist that has at least one release live on Spotify for Artists. Simply follow the same process to gain instant access to their artist profile.

You can view which artists you've already claimed via the 'Connected Artists' section.

When can I access Spotify for Artists?

You can claim an artist page with at least one live release. 

The time it takes for your music to be processed and become available online can vary - but is usually around 5-8 business days.

Release isn't live yet? If you don't yet have a live release, you can claim your page directly with Spotify. You will need your artist URI, which you can get from the support team - just send them the UPC for your first release.

Update or remove your release

If you need to update or takedown your release, please keep in mind that it can take around 2 business days for an update or takedown to reflect on a digital service, like Spotify. If you wish for the update or removal to display on a certain date, it’s worth keeping this timeframe in mind before requesting.

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