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YouTube Official Artist Channel (OAC)

Information about how your music will appear on YouTube

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When we deliver music to YouTube and YouTube Music, it will appear under a "YouTube Topic channel". This channel is where regular Youtube users can find your music.

Often the release will initially appear under 'Various Artists' until YouTube's algorithms find or create the correct Topic channel for your release. These pages are auto-generated and it isn't possible to edit or manage them.
To be eligible for an Official Artist Channel, you must already have:

  • A YouTube channel that you own and operate that represents one artist or band. Your channel must have music videos (can be an Official music video, a lyric video or creative video of any kind) of the same releases you uploaded through Record Union.

  • At least 3 live releases in your Record Union account.

Once you have all of this in place, send us the links for your Topic Channel and your personal YouTube channel and we'll submit an application for an Official Artist Channel in your behalf, where YouTube will merge your Topic Channel with your existing channel.

Note: It isn't possible to deliver content to YouTube Music without it appearing on YouTube as well.

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