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Mapping Step: How to map .csv
Mapping Step: How to map .csv

In this video we show you how to map your .csv file and discuss data requirements.

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When uploading your csv file you will need to have column headers for each item listed in the Data Requirements section shown below.

These items are required when adding new data. If you are updating data, the data requirements will change depending on what you want to update. Just be sure you are checking the data requirements section and creating column headers for each requirement as shown here.

You can still upload your data even if you do not have all the information listed, as long as you have all required column headers. For example, if you don’t have the property zip code, you can still upload your data.

The csv file above will still upload as long as you have required column headers. These headers are how REISift maps the data.

Helpful tip: If you have the property address and zip code, REISift will populate the city and state. If you have the property address, city, and state, the zip code will populate.

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