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Uploading a List with Phone Numbers
Uploading a List with Phone Numbers

How to upload skip traced data

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The minimum data requirements for uploading new records is first name and last name in separate columns, mailing address, and property address.

For more help on prepping the csv and uploading, please see:
How to Prepare Your Files for Uploading

Tip: Try to clean records as much as possible before upload. If you're missing some required information, you can still upload these records. Create column headers for the data requirements and leave the rows blank for any missing information. These records will upload as incomplete.

How to Organize your Phone Number Columns

When uploading skip traced data, or a list with phone numbers, create one phone column for each number associated with the record. Label the Phone number columns as Phone 1, Phone 2, Phone 3, etc.

Essentials Plan users can upload up to 10 Phone Numbers.
Professional Plan users can upload up to 15 Phone Numbers.
Business Plan users can upload up to 30 Phone Numbers.

How to Organize Phone Type, Phone Status, and Phone Tag Columns

Phone Types, Phone Statuses, and Phone Tags can also be updated on upload. Create a phone type, phone status, and phone tag column for each phone number associated with the record and label as Phone Type 1, Phone Status 1, Phone Tag 1, Phone Type 2, Phone Status 2, Phone Tag 2, etc. When phone columns are labeled this way, they should automap to the correct fields. If they do not auto map or map correctly, you can manually map them by dragging and dropping.

We can map the following phone types on upload:

  • Unknown

  • Landline

  • Mobile

  • VoIP

We do not map Residential or Cell phone types. If you map these on upload they will be considered Unknown. To map correctly, change Residential to Landline and Cell to Mobile in your csv file before uploading.

We can map the following phone statuses on upload:

  • Unknown (or no phone status, default unless you map another status listed below)

  • Correct

  • Correct DNC

  • Wrong

  • Wrong DNC

  • Dead

  • No Answer

  • DNC

For more on Phone Statuses, please see: Phone Status Overview

Phone Tags are fully customizable, you can create any phone tag you like. It's best used to mark numbers as relative, husband, wife, PR or executor, language barrier, etc.

For more on Phone Tags, please see: Understanding Phone Tags

Answering the Let's Stay Organized Questions

We use the information in the Let's Stay Organized section of upload to add auto-tags and determine skip trace status. When uploading a list with numbers, choose Yes, data contains phone numbers and answer where it was skip traced and the date.

Mapping and Review

If you've labeled the Phone Number, Phone Type, and Phone Tag columns as shown in this article, these columns should auto-map to the correct columns on upload.

Always review your upload. Reviewing can help prevent mistakes and save you time on account cleanup later.

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