Auto Tags

Auto tags are automatically created to improve your data management. Auto tags are based on the information you submit in the Let's stay organized section on the first step of upload. It includes where and when you purchased a list, and where and when the records were skip traced. If you don’t select any options on the let's stay organized option on set up, you won’t see any auto tags here.

Custom Tags

You can add any custom tags you want on upload. Type in the tag you want to use and click Add. You can add a new tag or add tags already being used in your REISift account. If the record is inside of REISift, the record will be updated with the tag or tags you add in this section.

Adding Tags from your csv

You can also add tags to your records by creating a Tags column in your csv document. Add the tags you want to use in the tags column, separated by commas. On the Map the Columns step of upload, drag the tags column on the left to the tags section on the right.

Need more help uploading data? Watch these videos!

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