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Sending Ballpoint Letter Templates in REISift
Sending Ballpoint Letter Templates in REISift

Looking for our new direct mail campaign feature? Please see Setting Up and Sending Direct Mail Campaigns

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Attention: Looking for our new Direct Mail Campaigns and Postcards? Please visit our article on "Setting Up and Sending Direct Mail Campaigns."

The article below describes how to set up and send mail for Ballpoint Letter templates, which is a separate feature from Campaigns and Postcards. This information demonstrates how to use the direct mail feature when selecting records from the Records page and going to "Send to -> Direct Mail."

Our Direct Mail feature allows you to mail records directly through your REISift account. Our direct mail pieces are Ballpoint letters and are handwritten. There are 5 templates you can choose from.

Direct Mail pricing varies per plan:
Please view the REISift Pricing page for more information on plans and pricing.

Envelope Preview:

Template Preview (Theme 2)

Purchasing Credits

Before sending Direct Mail, you’ll need to purchase credits. The credits you purchase can be used for both skip tracing and sending direct mail within REISift.

To add credits, select Buy Credits towards the top of your REISift account. Enter in your payment information, select the amount of credits you want to purchase, and click Buy Credits to purchase.

Sending Direct Mail

From the Records page, you'll filter for the records you want to send Direct Mail to.
Note: when filtering add the Params & others block and select Vacant Mailing -> No so mailers aren't sent to vacant mailing addresses. The mailers will be sent to the mailing address associated with the property you select.

In this example we are targeting records that have been skip traced once, but have no phone numbers. At minimum we recommend sending Direct Mail to records you have skip traced twice but do not have numbers for. This helps you reach owners you are not able to reach by phone.

Once your records are filtered, select all and click Send to then select Direct Mail.

Choose the Theme

Next, select the direct mail template or theme you would like to use. Information required for each theme will appear on the right. You can see a larger preview for each theme by clicking the magnifying glass. Click See Envelope to view a preview of the envelope. After choosing a theme, click Next Step.

Returning Info

We recommend entering a company name and address for returning information.

A preview of the front of the card is located to the right of the returning info. Once your returning information is complete, click Next Step.

Contact Info

The information you enter in this section will appear at the bottom of the card. You can enter the company name or your name to make it more personal. Do not put your personal phone number as the tracking number on these direct mail pieces. Use a specific tracking number so when you receive a call, you know it is the result of a direct mail piece you sent out. You can create a tracking number using Callrail or Aircall. A preview of the card is located to the right of the contact info. Once complete, click Next Step.


Don’t forget to add tags! We recommend tagging for the week of the year, example: Direct Mail Week 49.

When sending direct mail through REISift, we will automatically increment the Direct Mail Attempts within the record to help you track the amount of direct mail pieces sent for each property.


Always review your information and confirm your name or company name and address are correct. The send date is an estimate. Typically when we send to Ballpoint it can take 5-7 business days for the direct mail pieces to be mailed. Once you've confirmed all information is correct, click Send.

Checking Status of Direct Mail After Sending

After clicking send you can go to the activity page under the direct mail tab to check the status and view the breakdown.

When sending direct mail through REISift, we will automatically increment the number of Direct Mail attempts and add the last direct mailed date under the Additional Info section within the Property Record.

From the Property Details page, click Additional info and select Direct Mail Details to view the date the record was last mailed.

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