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Disabling Users in your REISift account
Disabling Users in your REISift account

Need to de-activate or remove a team member? Here's how!

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Users or Team Members can be managed from within the Settings -> User Management section of your REISift account. From the User Management tab, you can add new users, change user roles, or disable users.

The Sensei is the account owner. Their role cannot be changed and they cannot be disabled.

Need help adding users? Check out Adding Users to your REISift Account

Disabling or De-activating Users

To disable a user from your account, click the 3 dots ,located to the right of the user, and select Disable.

The team member's status will now be listed as Inactive. Inactive users cannot log in or access the account.

Inactive users do not take up a seat in your user limit. The amount of users you can add to your account varies per plan.

  • Essentials Plan - 1 user (Sensei/account owner)

  • Professional Plan - 5 total users including Sensei

  • Business Plan - 15 total users including Sensei

Please Note: We are unable to delete users from the account, if there are users you no longer want to have access to your account, please select to make them inactive.

Enabling Users

Currently users cannot be deleted from your account. Their information is saved in case they return. If a team member returns, you can enable or re-activate them by clicking the 3 dots and selecting Enable.

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