Is your team growing? Need to add more users? In this article we discuss User Management roles and how to add new users to your REISift account.

Adding a New User

User limits vary per plan. The Essentials plan allows for 1 user, the Sensei (account owner). You can have up to 5 total users on our Professional plan, and up to 15 users on our Business plan.

To add a new user, click Settings on the left hand side of your account and select the User Management Tab. From the User Management tab, click Add New User at the top right of your account.

Type in your Ninja's first and last name, email address and select their role.

Once this information is complete, click Send invite.

This will send an email for your Ninja to set up their password. The email will be from

These emails are sometimes marked as spam, so check your spam/junk folder if you aren't seeing the email in your inbox. Some email providers block links for emails in the junk/spam folder. In order to click the links and receive future emails, please mark this email as not spam.

User invites cannot be resent. Once you send the invite, we will save the email address in our database. If your Ninja is unable to locate the invite email, they can go to and select forgot password. This will send them a new email to set up their password.

Email addresses can be used only once throughout REISift. If a user's name needs to be updated or changed, this can be done from that user's profile. You won't be able to edit their name from your account, however they can log in and change their name or email address from the Settings -> Profile section of their account. To edit name and/or email address, click the pencil icon

User Management Roles

Each role has different permissions. The roles are organized in order from most to least permissions.

  • Sensei (account owner)

  • Super Admin

  • Admin

  • Marketer

  • Cleaner

  • Acquisitions

  • Dispositions

  • Lead Manager

  • Researcher

  • Prospector

There can only be one Sensei. This role is reserved for the account owner and has full access to the account.

Super Admins have the same permissions as Sensei. They have full access to the account including the ability to add billing cards and purchase credits.

An Admin cannot add payment methods but has access to everything else in your account including purchasing and spending credits.

Marketers can spend credits you’ve purchased by skip tracing or sending direct mail but they cannot purchase additional credits. They cannot edit or view billing and payment methods, change your company information from your account profile, invite or disable users in your account, access Rewards page, or bulk delete data.

Cleaners cannot spend or purchase credits, view or edit billing or company information, invite or disable users from your account, access Rewards page, or bulk delete data. They also can’t upload records or use any of the send to functions so they won’t be able to send records to direct mail or send records to Calltools or Readymode through our integrations

Acquisitions, Dispositions, Researchers and Prospectors have the same permissions, these are similar to Cleaners except they can only see records that are assigned to them. When assigning tasks to these Ninjas, you’ll need to assign the records as well. If you assign tasks to these roles but not the records, they will see the tasks on their task page but the name and addresses will show undefined since they do not have permission to access these records.

Lead manager has similar permissions but they can see all records that are assigned to themselves AND records that are assigned to another user in your account. This was done by design so your lead manager can follow up with any leads your callers receive. They wont be able to access records that are not assigned to any user in your account.

You can view a full breakdown and comparison of our User Management Roles from within the Sift Dojo in your REISift account.

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