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Deleting Tags from REISift
Deleting Tags from REISift

Need to delete tags? Here’s how!

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In this article we will explain how to delete tags from your REISift account.

In order to delete a tag, there must be no properties associated with that tag.

If you attempt to delete a tag that is still in use, you will see the popup below.

To remove the tag from your records, go to your Records tab located on the left side of your REISift account. Filter your records for the tag you want to delete.

Click the All tab because you want to remove this tag from ALL records, clean and incomplete. Select Manage, and Remove tags.

After clicking Remove from lists, you’ll see this pop up below. Type in the tag you want to remove the records from and click Remove tags.

You can track the activity from the Actions tab on the Activity page. Once it has been removed from all your records, you can delete this tag from your Tags page.

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