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How to use Tags to track and manage your data

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Tags are fully customizable and can be created and added on upload, within an individual record, in bulk from the records page, or when sending records to a predictive dialer, skip tracing or direct mail through REISift.

When to use tags

You’ll want to use tags to track the 4 W’s of Data Management:

  • Where did it come from?

  • Where is it going?

  • Where has it been?

  • When did it happen?

Where did come from is where you purchased or obtained the data (Propstream, county, etc.)

Where is it going is typically campaign related. Some examples include when you send records through our predictive dialer, send to direct mail, or another marketing strategy.

An example of where has it been is where the records were skip traced (REISift, Skip Genie, etc.)

When did it happen is the date the event occurred (date of purchase, date of skip tracing, etc.)

How to Manage Tags

You can view, create, and manage tags from the Tags page located on the left side bar of your account.

See Breakdown will show the amount of clean, incomplete, trust, and company records associated with the tag.

You can view all properties associated with the tag by clicking Show Properties.

Creating, Editing and Deleting Tags from the Tags Page

You can create tags from the Tags page by clicking Add New Tag located towards the top right of the page. Enter the name of the tag and click Create Tag to add it to your account.

To edit or delete a tag, hover over the 3 dots located to the right of the tag. Editing allows you to edit the name of the tag.

To delete a tag, you'll need to remove any properties from the tag first. Once there are no properties associated with the tag, it can be deleted.

Adding Tags on Upload

We create auto-tags for you on upload to help manage and track your data.

Fill out the Let's stay organized section when adding data, and we will add auto-tags based on the information you provide.

You can view the auto tags and add any custom tags on the second step of upload.

Tags can also be added on upload by including a Tags column in the csv. Separate multiple tags with commas.

On the mapping step of upload, map the Tags column (left side) to the Tags field in REISift (right side).

Need more help uploading data? Check out our Uploading Data series in the Help Center.

Adding and Removing Tags within a Record

To add or remove tags within an individual record, open the record from the Records page. Next, select Tags located towards the bottom of the page. Type in the tag you want to add, and it will appear in your tags list within the record.

To remove a tag, click the X located next to the tag name.

Adding and Removing Tags in Bulk

Tags can be added and removed in bulk from the Records page. First, select the records you want to update. Next, go to Manage -> Add tags (or Remove tags if you are wanting to remove).

Then select the tags you want to add or remove and click Add tags.

You can track the progress of this action from the Activity -> Action page.

Filtering by Tag

You can filter by tag from the Records page by clicking Filter Records located at the top right of the page.

Next, add the Tags filter block and select the tag(s) you want to filter by. You can filter to exclude certain tags by selecting Do not include.

Once you've selected the tags you want to filter by, click Apply Filters to see the results.

Need more help filtering records? Check out Filter Records Overview

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