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Aircall Full Overview and Integration Setup Tutorial
Aircall Full Overview and Integration Setup Tutorial

How to setup the REISift and Aircall Integration

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In this article we show how to setup the REISift and Aircall Integration.
For tips and best practices, check out this recording of our Q&A session with Aircall: REISift and Aircall Live Q&A

Tools Needed for Integration:

REISift Account

Aircall Account with chrome extension installed and desktop app

Installing Aircall Integration

To install the Aircall integration, go to the Settings -> Integrations page in your REISift account. Under Integrations, click install to the right of Aircall.

After clicking install integration, click Connect with Aircall on the next screen. This will take you to Aircall’s site.

Next, click Authorize to allow REISift to access information about your calls.

After authorizing, choose an initial number from your Aircall account to share with your REISift account. Click add number.

Note: You will add any additional numbers later through your Aircall account.

After adding the initial number, you’ll be redirected back to your REISift account. Here you will link the Aircall users with your REISift users. The Aircall users are listed on the left. To link these accounts with an REISift user, click the drop down menu and select the REISift user.

Some users in Aircall may have multiple phone numbers. All numbers associated with a user can be linked in REISift. To add the additional numbers, go to the integrations page in your Aircall account and click configure.

Next, click Add or remove numbers and choose the numbers you want to add. Click Save at the top right corner.

If you are rotating numbers in Aircall and you add a new number, be sure to configure this number in the integrations section of Aircall so it is added to your REISift account.

Once all your numbers are configured in Aircall, you are fully integrated!

Aircall Integration Features

Call Events

With the Aircall integration we log the following events in the Activity Log for the record:

  • Call received

  • Call answered

  • Call missed

  • Voicemail received

  • Call recorded after call

Below is an example of the Call Events. If the owner left a voicemail or a call was recorded. You’ll see a blue Call icon in the Activity Log. Click the Call icon and this will take you to Aircall where you can listen to the recording.

Caller Insights

When calling an owner, you can view the caller insights from within the Aircall app. To view, click Caller Insights at the bottom of the app. Here you can view the Owner Name, Company Name, Mailing address, and any properties owned.

You’ll also see these same caller insights when receiving an incoming call from a number that is listed in your REISift account.

*Note: The caller insights feature is available on the Aircall Phone app on Desktop and Android app for now, not yet on iphone/ iOS.

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