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Property Temperature Explained
Property Temperature Explained

Setting and Filtering Property Temperature

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In this article we discuss the Property Temperature feature, how to set the temperature for your records, and how to filter by property temperature.

Property temperature is customizable and is designed to be set by you so you can determine and have control over which properties you consider to be hot, warm, or cold deals.

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Setting the Property Temperature

To set the property temperature, open the record and click within the property temperature bar.

Clicking in the left of the temperature bar will set the temperature to cold.

Clicking in the middle will set the temperature warm.

To set the temperature to Hot, click to the far right of the temperature bar.

Filtering by Temperature

To filter by property temperature, go to your Records page and click Filter Records located towards the top right.

Next, Click Add new filter block and select the Deal Temperature filter. This option is located under Property Filters.

When filtering by Deal Temperature, you can select a range of temperatures to filter by, or filter by only a certain temperature.

To filter by range, click within the temperature bar, or grab and drag the circle to include the range you want.

For example, this option would filter for Warm and Hot Temperature:

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