In this article we discuss how to filter for vacant and NEWLY vacant properties.

We automatically run vacancy checks once per month for all your records. Vacancy checks usually start on the first of each month and complete within a couple days.

We also check vacancy on upload when you upload new records.

Locating Newly Vacant Properties

The newly vacant properties listed on your dashboard are the properties that became vacant in the most recent monthly vacancy check.

To view your newly vacant properties, go to your Records page and click Filter Records at the top right.

After clicking Filter records, add the Last Vacant Date filter block, located under the Property Filters. You can also search for this filter by typing in Last Vacant in the search bar.

Vacancy checks usually start on the first of each month. To see the newly vacant properties, select the first of the current month in the From: section and Apply Filters.

Those are your newly vacant properties!

Filtering for All Vacant Properties

To see ALL vacant properties in your account, add the Params & Other filter block, Then select Vacant -> Yes and Apply Filters.

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