In this article we will give you a tour of the REISift Dashboard and an overview of each feature.

Credits, Premium Support and Task Calendar Icon

Starting from the top right corner, your credit balance, Buy credits, Premium Support Button (for Business plan users), and task calendar will be located on tab of your REISift account.

You can view Product News, open our Support Chat (Talk to Us), access the Help Center, and log out of your account by clicking the arrow next to your name.

New Records Uploaded and Total Records Uploaded

The New Records Uploaded will look a little different for each plan.

The Essentials Plan has no monthly limit, only a total number of records uploaded. If you are on our Essentials plan you'll see your total number of records uploaded here, along with your limit of 25,000.

Our Professional and Business Plans have monthly limits, but no total limits. The amount of records uploaded per month will be located here, along with your total monthly upload limit. For more information about upload limits, check out Upload Limits & How to Purchase Additional Space

Total Records Uploaded shows the total number of records in your account, along with your record total upload limit. The Essentials Plan limit is 25k. Professional and Business plan is unlimited.

Vacancy Ratio and Vacancy Status

We check for vacancy on upload, as well as once per month for your entire account. If the property address or mailing address is registered as vacant with USPS, we will display that it is vacant in REISift.
Want more information about our vacancy checks? Check out this article: Monthly Vacancy Check

Vacancy Ratio displays the percentage and total number of vacant records in your account.

Vacancy Status shows the number of newly vacant records. These are records that became vacant within the last month. We also show a comparison of newly vacant records for the previous month.

Records with numbers and Skip Trace Status

Records with numbers displays the percentage and total records with phone numbers.

Total Not Skipped shows the amount of records that have never been skip traced in your account.

Total Skipped Without Numbers shows the amount of records that have been skip traced, but do not have any phone numbers.

Tasks Calendar

The Task calendar located on the right side of your dashboard displays the tasks due for each day. This calendar defaults to today's date. To see tasks that are due for tomorrow, or another date, click the date on the calendar. The tasks will be displayed just below the calendar.

You can view all tasks by clicking View All above the tasks calendar. This links to the Tasks tab in your account where you can view all tasks and filter tasks that are assigned to other users.

Need more help with tasks? How to Create Tasks

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