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Adding Contacts in REISift
Adding Contacts in REISift

How to add Buyers and other contacts in your REISift account

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Phonebook allows you to manage all your contacts in REISift. Some examples of contacts are buyers, contractors, lenders and agents. Contact Statuses can be used to label the type of contact.

Adding New Contacts

To add new contacts, select Add New Contact located towards the top right of the page.

Phonebook was designed for your verified contacts so a phone number is required in order to create a contact. Enter in the contact information, and click Create Contact to save.

When a contact is created, they will also be added as an owner and can be accessed from the Owner Details page.

After creating the contact, you can access the contact details by clicking the link displayed.

The Contact Details page includes the activity log, message board, and contact information. Here you can also update the contact status and add tags.

Note: Contacts cannot be uploaded direct to phonebook at this time. A workaround is to upload just owners (requires full mailing address) then search the owners on the owner records page, and toggle to make them a contact.

Creating Contacts from Owners

If the owner or mailing address already exists in your account, you can make them a contact by accessing the Owner Details page and toggling Mark as a contact.

Removing Contacts

Need to remove a contact? Toggle Mark as contact off from the Contact Details or the Owner Details page. This will remove the record from the Phonebook. The record will still be accessible from the Owner Records page.

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