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How to Search for Sequences
How to Search for Sequences

Searching for sequences by Title, Action, and Trigger

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In this article we will guide you on how to make the most of the sequences search bar in your REISift account. It's super easy! From the main sequences page, you can search for sequences in any folder. To search for sequences within a certain folder, open the folder then select one of the search options.

Searching for Sequences

The Sequences search bar has been optimized so you can now search for sequences in three ways:

  1. Search by Title: This is the default search option, where you can search for sequences based on their titles.

  2. Search by Action: If you know the action included in the sequence, you can search for sequences containing that particular action.

  3. Search by Trigger: This option allows you to find sequences triggered by specific events.

Now, let's dive into the details of each search method.

Searching by Title

Title is the default search option. To search by title, click on the search bar and start typing the name of the sequence you're looking for. The search will show results based on the beginning of the sequence title. For example, if the title of your sequence is "New Lead" You'll need to enter in "New" or "New Lead" to see the results.

Searching for partial words may not yield results. For instance, if you search for "Lead," you won't see any relevant sequences unless there is a title that starts exactly with "Lead."

Searching by Action

To search by action, click the Action option on the search bar and select the desired action from the available options.

The search will display sequences that include the selected action. It is possible for these sequences to contain other actions as well, but they will, at the very least, include the specific action you're searching for.

Searching by Trigger

The trigger is the event that starts the sequence or automation. To search by trigger, select the Trigger search bar option and choose the trigger or event you're interested in.

The search results will show sequences that have the selected trigger as the starting point of their automation.

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