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New SiftLine Updates
New SiftLine Updates

Introducing New Updates to REISift's SiftLine Feature: Enhance Your Real Estate Data Management

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We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to our SiftLine feature, designed to streamline your workflows and organization. In this article, we will walk you through the new enhancements.

Filter Records by Siftline Boards

We understand the importance of targeted filtering to find specific records. With our new SiftLine Boards filter, you can now filter for records on a particular board or phase. On the Records page, simply select Filter Records, add a new filter block, then choose the desired SiftLine boards and phases. You have the flexibility to filter by one board or phase, or multiple boards. When adding multiple boards and phases, you'll see results for records on either board or phase you select.

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Board Location and Phase Management

To provide you with a comprehensive view of your property records, we have added the SiftLine board location and phase within the Property Details page. Additionally, you can easily change the board and phase directly from this page, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Sorting Cards on the Board

With our new Sort By feature, you now have the ability to sort cards on the board by age or activity. Sorting by age allows you to prioritize cards based on how long they have been on the board. Sorting by activity measures the time since a card was last updated, including the last viewed timestamp which automatically updates when a card is opened.

Enhanced Scrolling Options

We have introduced a new scrolling option to enhance your user experience. When the scrolling toggle is turned off, each phase of the board scrolls independently and you can drag and drop cards within the viewable area of the board. When toggling the option on, all phases of the board will scroll at the same time and you can scroll sideways to drag and drop cards outside the visible area. This feature provides you with greater flexibility in managing records in SiftLine.

Streamlined Phase Management

Within each card, you can now view and change the phases the card is located in. Additionally, you can monitor the duration a card has spent in a particular phase. By clicking on the phase stepper, you can easily move the card to the desired phase. This enhancement simplifies the process of tracking and managing your cards throughout their lifecycle.

Easy Navigation

To enhance your navigation experience, we have added previous and next buttons. This allows you to seamlessly navigate to the previous or next card within the same phase. Clicking "Next" on the last card in a phase will automatically take you to the first card located in the next phase.

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