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Creating SiftLine Boards
Creating SiftLine Boards

How to Create Boards in SiftLine

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SiftLine allows you to create kanban boards so you can visualize different phases of your marketing processes or flip projects.

The amount of boards you can create varies per plan:

  • Essentials Plan - up to 3

  • Professional Plan - up to 8

  • Business plan - Unlimited

To access SiftLine, click SiftLine located on the left sidebar of your account.

Creating Boards

To create a board, click the plus sign + next to Boards on the left side of the page.

Next, enter the name of the board and select the user permissions.

When selecting Everybody, all users in your account will be able to access. You can also add access by specific role or user name.

The permissions are:

  • Admin - full access to the board, can move cards, edit and delete the board

  • Just Read - can view cards only

  • Read & Write - can view and move cards to different phases

Need to remove a user from the board? Hover over their name or user role, and click the X to remove.

Next, name the phases of the board. Additional phases can be added by clicking the plus sign + on the right side of the page.

Once you’ve added all the phases, click Save Board.

Adding Properties to a Board

Properties can be added to a board from within SiftLine or from the Records page. To add a property within SiftLine, select Add New Card.

A card in SiftLine is a deal. An owner can have more than one active deal inside SiftLine. Each of their properties will generate a different card. Here you can search for a property, then select the board and phase you want the card added to and select import property.

You can add records to a SiftLine board in bulk from the Records page. Filter and select the records you want to add. Then select Send to -> SiftLine.

Choose the Board and Phase you want the properties added to and click Import properties.

Moving Properties through the Board

Properties can be moved through the different board phases by dragging and dropping.

You can also move them by clicking the 3 dots towards the bottom right of each card and selecting Move Card.

Next, Select the Board and Phase you want to move the card to, and click Move Card.

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