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Filtering for records on SiftLine boards

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Our SiftLine filters allow you to filter for records on SiftLine boards from the Records page.

Now you can easily see which records are on a certain board and phase in SiftLine. SiftLine filters can also be combined with any of our other filters and can be saved as presets.

Try combining the SiftLine filters with our Task Filter, to see which records are located on the Lead Management board and have tasks due today, to prioritize lead management follow ups.

Filtering by SiftLine boards

From the Records page, select Filter Records, then Add new filter block.

Next select SiftLine Boards, and the board and phase you want to filter by.

Multiple boards can be selected by clicking the plus sign. When filtering by multiple boards, we will show records that are located on EITHER board. For example, the filter options below will show results for records on the Lead Follow Up board in the New Lead phase OR records on any phase of the Prospecting board.

Need to remove a board you selected? Click the icon to the right of the phase to remove it from the filter.

Adding or Updating SiftLine Boards

You can now add properties to a SiftLine board directly from within the property record, or update the board and phase from within the record.

To add a board, select Add to board located towards the bottom right of the Property Records page.

Next, select the board and phase you'd like to add the record to. Additional boards can be added by clicking the plus sign.

To update the board or phase, select the board and phase you'd like to move the card to.

Need to remove the card from the board? Select "Choose Board" or the icon to the right of the phase to delete the card from the SiftLine board.

When deleting, you'll need to confirm you want to delete the card by copying and pasting, or typing Delete Forever.

Note: This action cannot be undone. Once cards are deleted from SiftLine, we are unable to undo deletion to add them back.

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