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Creating Campaign Templates for Direct Mail Campaigns
Creating Campaign Templates for Direct Mail Campaigns

How to create Campaign Templates and Campaign Folders for Direct Mail Campaigns

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Campaign Templates and Template Folders is a feature of our Business plan. Campaign templates allow you to save the postcard selection, campaign type, and number of touches or batches. After the campaign template is saved, it can be loaded and used for future campaigns, allowing you to setup and send your campaigns even faster.

Not on the business plan yet? Click upgrade from your Dashboard or within the Settings, Billing section of your account.

Creating Campaign Templates

To create and save a template, setup the campaign as you normally would. After you’ve completed the mailer setup step and saved the number of batches or touches for multi touch campaigns, click save new towards the top right.

​Name the campaign template and select a folder to save it to. All accounts will have a default folder to save to. or you can create new folders to further organize your campaigns.

Creating Template Folders

To create a new folder, click Load or select Create New Folder after selecting to save a new template.

Name your folder and click save. This folder will now appear under a drop down menu to select when saving new templates.

Loading Templates

After you've saved a template, you'll have the option to load this template to use on future campaigns. To use a template, click load and select the template you want to use.

Edits to the campaign can still be made after the template is loaded.

Editing Templates

To make changes to a saved template, open the template by clicking load and selecting the template, make any changes you like, then click the disc icon to save.

Moving to Folders

To move a new campaign template to a folder, click the 3 dots next to the campaign and select Move to Folder.

Deleting Campaigns or Folders

To delete a campaign template, select the 3 dots next to the template and Delete.
To delete a folder, select the 3 dots next to the folder and delete.

After selecting delete you will need to confirm you want to delete by typing or copying and pasting Delete Forever.

Note: Templates cannot be recovered after they are deleted.

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