This article will guide you on how to best provide support for shoppers who are using your Return Center. Topics include order lookup, manual RMA creation, Return Center errors, and info about internet browsers.

How to look up Customer Orders

Shopify Order Emails

Shopify sends an automated email to customers who place orders through the Shopify site. This will include the information your shoppers will need to look up their orders. If a customer receives an order confirmation email at a given email address, they can assume that is the email they used to place the order.

Email address & Order ID

The first step in the Return Center is entering the email address and related order ID. Ask your customer to confirm the order ID is correct according to their email receipt. If they have placed multiple orders, there will be different Order IDs associated with each order. Have the customer verify that the email address they are using was used to place the original order related to the item(s) they'd like to create a return for.

Third-Party Orders

If a customer purchases an item from a third-party seller, there may or may not be a related Shopify order depending on how you have set this process up to work.

  • If their purchase does not generate a Shopify order number, they will need to go through the third-party returns process.

  • If their purchase does generate a Shopify order, they can use the order lookup function in the Return Center the same way as your other shoppers.

Problems Shoppers can Encounter in the Returns Portal

Retrieving Info Error

If your customer is seeing an error related to retrieving info, this can be related to the browser and needing to clear the cache and cookies. This error can be caused by a customer who starts the process of creating an RMA and doesn't complete it. Clearing this information from the browser should allow the customer to start the process over without any information pre-populated in the text boxes.

Address Validation

If your customer is seeing an issue related to address validation, this can be related to the shipping provider you have selected. Sometimes shipping providers can run into issues validating certain addresses depending on the country where the customer is located.

Error starting the return

  1. "There was a problem starting your return"

If your customers see this error, it may be related to them using an outdated browser. We have determined that the majority of errors that people see occur when they are using the following browsers:

  1. Safari 12.1 (both mobile & desktop)

  2. Safari 11.1

  3. Chrome 49

Here are the most updated browser versions for reference:



Switching or updating their browser may resolve the occurrence of the error. If the customer is unable to switch or update, switching devices may work.

If for some reason, the customer is not able to follow these troubleshooting steps, you have the option to create their RMA internally within the platform. If you would like to learn more about manual RMA creation, please refer to this intercom article.


Third-Party purchases and Manual RMA Creation

ReturnLogic is integrated with the Shopify store so it references Shopify order data when creating RMAs. ReturnLogic is not integrated the same way with other stores you may sell products in, you can only use Shopify Order IDs to pull Shopify information when creating manual RMAs. If your Third-party stores do in fact result in the generation of Shopify orders, you can use the Shopify Order ID to pull up related info and generate an RMA manually on behalf of the customer.

Third-party order lookup

See Third-Party Orders under the Order Lookup section above.

Issues Loading the Return Center Page(s)

As always, you can reach out to or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions.

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