Returning a gifted item has a few different steps compared to the steps associated with a regular return. Part of the gift returns process is allowing the gift recipient to input their own information to receive updates on the return process. Getting a refund on a gifted item can generate even more questions, which this article presents and answers.

Can customers ask for a refund on an item they gifted?

Yes, customers can ask for a refund on an item they gifted to someone else. If the corresponding RMA is approved, the person who originally placed and paid for the order in Shopify, will be refunded. The refund will be issued via the original payment gateway.

Can gift recipients ask for a refund for an item they were gifted?

Yes, but gift recipients won't receive the refund. A refund would be issued to the person who entered their credit card info (or another form of payment) into Shopify at the time of the original purchase. There is no way to alter how this works within ReturnLogic since ReturnLogic does not store customer banking or credit card information.

Can gift recipients get a refund for an item without alerting the gift purchaser?

Because ReturnLogic does not store any personal financial info (such as banking or credit card info), if the purchaser gets refunded, the purchaser will see the transaction on their account. The gift recipient would not be able to carry out the transaction without alerting the purchaser. In cases of non-refund returns related to gifts, the recipient would be able to make a return without creating a notification that would go to the purchaser.

What if the item needs to be sent back to the retailer?

When lodging a gift return, the customer is prompted to confirm/update their address. This address confirmation step is typically used for gift exchanges so that the gift recipient will receive the exchanged item and not the original purchaser. The address entered does not need to match the original purchaser's, and any changes made will not cause an issue in the return process.

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