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FAQ: Best Practices for Shopify Orders
FAQ: Best Practices for Shopify Orders

How to manage your Shopify orders to optimize return workflows in ReturnLogic

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Each ReturnLogic account is connected to a unique Shopify store via API integration. Because ReturnLogic updates to reflect changes in Shopify regularly, this means ReturnLogic can only refer to information that is currently stored in Shopify. Generally, if you can't locate order information within Shopify, it would also not be found in ReturnLogic.

It is not advised to delete Shopify info that may impact your ability to process returns.

This article will include the following topics:

Order Best Practices

  1. Do not delete orders unless deemed absolutely necessary. In some situations, a good alternative to deletion is archiving.

  2. Do not manually archive Shopify orders if you want them to remain searchable in ReturnLogic.

  3. If your Shopify settings are configured to auto-archive orders, show your team how to un-archive orders by sharing this instructional article.


ReturnLogic FAQ

Why can't I find the order I'm looking for in ReturnLogic's Orders Beta or Originate tabs?

If you can't find the order in ReturnLogic, first check to see if it exists in Shopify. If it is not in Shopify, it will not be in ReturnLogic.

If I can't locate the order in Shopify, can my shopper still complete a return request in the return center?

If you can't locate the order in Shopify, your shopper would not be able to use it within the return center. You can have your shopper create a Third-Party Warranty return if you have that feature enabled, and from there send the shopper a new item. Read more about Third-Party Warranty here.

Shopify FAQs

Why can't I find the order I'm looking for within Shopify?

It's possible that someone on your team has deleted that order. In general, we do not recommend this practice.

Tell your new team members who will be working in your Shopify account that deleting should not be done unless absolutely necessary.

If I need to recover a deleted order in Shopify, what steps do I take?

If you need help recovering Shopify information that was deleted, please reach out to Shopify support for assistance.

If I have already archived an order in Shopify, can I unarchive it to make it searchable in ReturnLogic?

Yes, if it has been archived, you can un-archive the order, refresh ReturnLogic and search for the order again.

Why is my Shopify order archived?

Shopify orders can be automatically or manually archived. If you are seeing orders become auto-archived, it is likely due to your Shopify settings. For help changing your Shopify settings, please contact Shopify support.

How can I un-archive an archived Shopify order?

When an order is archived, you will see the word "archived" at the top to the right-hand side of the order number at the top of the page.

On the right-hand side drop-down menu, you can the "more actions menu" and the option to "unarchive". Click on unarchive.

After un-archiving the order, you will be able to search for it in ReturnLogic.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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