Whether you are a PTA, PTO, or school looking to promote an online fundraiser, setting up the way to accept online pledge donations can be tricky. 

Not with Read for My School!

With our partnership with Stripe, you set up a direct relationship with Stripe so in a sense, Stripe is a 3rd party provider that is accepting your online pledge donations for your RFMS fundraiser - and not donors depositing directly to your bank account.

Once you create your FREE Stripe account, all online pledge donations are directed to your Stripe account which acts as your holding company for all profits being stored for your fundraiser. From there, the rest is based on how you set up your relationship with Stripe.

Once you create your FREE Stripe account, you can tell Stripe when you would like your online pledge donations to go from your Stripe account to your bank account providing your PTA, PTO, or school complete control of how funds are distributed to your preferred bank account. 

For more information, please contact a RFMS support team member.

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