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Helpful tips for promoting a successful fundraiser on Read for My School
Helpful tips for promoting a successful fundraiser on Read for My School

Best practices from customers and our support team to point your fundraiser in the right direction!

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Create content that connects with your school community

Fundraising is all about storytelling so take some time to create content that will connect with your donors. Posting an image, sharing a video, and making sure your supporters know your goals are important to raise money for your fundraiser.


  • Fundraiser theme: Once Upon a Read-a-thon

  • Fundraiser image: An image that promotes your theme OR a school logo/mascot will do just fine

  • Fundraiser video: Sharing a video about your fundraiser is an easy way to connect with donors who care.

  • Fundraiser goals: Set goals based on your expectations but not goals that are hard OR easy to reach.

Reward participation and achieving goals

A successful fundraiser is all about participation so provide incentives that drive excitement and reward when achieving the goals you've set. Whether you want to reward a group or set of individuals, providing prizes drives excitement and profits raised for your fundraiser.

Example: Weekly Prizes (small prizes)

  • The "Top 3" teams earn a percentage of the profits to have a pizza party

  • The "Top 3" readers in minutes read to receive a gift card to purchase new books - either from Amazon or from your school Book Fair.

Example: End of fundraiser prizes (big prizes)

  • The "Top 3" teams earn a percentage of the profits to purchase new books to rebuild their classroom library.

  • The "Top 3" readers in minutes read to receive an Amazon Kindle or gift card to purchase books.

  • Overall prize - purchase an Inchy Bookworm Vending Machine that can leave a lasting impression on students throughout the school year!

Communication is KEY throughout the duration of your fundraiser

Whether you are about to launch or in the middle of trying to reach your reading and fundraising goals, making sure you are connecting with your donors with a strong communication plan is critical to promoting a successful fundraiser. We tend to look at communicating in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Launch plan

  • Make sure you start communicating with your supporters a week before you are going to launch your fundraiser. This gives your families time to register and get ready to support your reading and fundraising goals.

  • Make sure you provide instruction across various school channels. This allows you to insert your message in emails, your website, as well as other forms of communication (social; Facebook).

Phase 2: Weekly updates to drive excitement

  • Use the RFMS app to send weekly announcements to your families as well as donors. A simple email can go a long way to get your supporters back reading and raising money for your school.

  • Highlight achievements on your school website and social channels. A simple message of encouragement and praising achievements made by students drives participation and encourages kids to read more!

Phase 3: Closing, rewarding, and celebrating achievement

  • Make sure you inform your supporters that your fundraiser is about to end. We recommend at least a week advanced notice to make sure your supporters can log on and track minutes and make a pledge donation.

  • Thank your donors with a message that shows you care about them! Send a quick announcement through the RFMS only to donors so that they know how their charitable gifts have contributed to your overall goals.

Need additional help?

Contact our in-app support team and let us design a fundraiser that works for you. we can even set up a call so that we can better assist you and answer any questions you might have.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start reading and fundraising today!

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