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Timekeeping: Reviewing, Editing, & Duplicating
Timekeeping: Reviewing, Editing, & Duplicating

How to review and edit time cards in Weekly View

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Reviewing and editing time cards is easy in Rhumbix’s Weekly View. The Weekly View Dashboard shows all timekeeping data within a weekly pay period. Keep reading to learn some tips on how best to navigate reviewing and editing time cards.

Review a Time Card

  • Users can scroll between weeks by clicking the arrows at the top left of the screen. Users can also select a week from a calendar in the Modify Filters right rail.

  • Users can filter or group timekeeping data using Filters or the Find button. These powerful features can help users quickly group, sort, and review all time card data.

  • Users can expand individual time card information by clicking the arrow next to a team member's name. This will give users a detailed view of projects and cost codes each team member worked on.

  • Alternatively, users can expand all time card information by clicking the Expand/Collapse All button on the top left of the screen. All available time cards will expand to reveal all detailed project and cost code information.

  • Time cards are listed by Employee by default. Users can change how the time cards are listed by clicking Employee. A drop-down menu of different list options will open.

  • Different icons can appear on time cards under the time entries. These denote absences, shift extras, signatures, and modifiers.

  • Users can review the entry history of a time card by selecting a time card and clicking History from the yellow taskbar. This will open a view-only time card. The Add Row, Add Employees, and Add Cost Codes buttons will not be clickable.

Edit a Time Card

  • Users can edit timekeeping data by selecting a time card entry by date or cost code. Once an entry is selected, click Edit in the yellow taskbar towards the top of the screen.

    • The time card dialog box will re-open. Here, users can edit/add time, absences, and shift extras. Similar to setting up a new time card.

    • Users will need to click Submit to submit the updated time card. Users will also have to accept the changes in the confirmation box.

Duplicate a Time Card

  • Users can duplicate time cards by selecting a time card and clicking Duplicate in the yellow taskbar.

    • A dialog box will appear where the user must select a date for the duplicate time card. **A red message will appear if a user tries duplicating a time card on the same date. Click Duplicate and View.

    • A new time card entry will open with the duplicate timekeeping data. Click Submit to submit the duplicated time card and confirm the new entry.

Users can also simply Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) by selecting the respective buttons in the same yellow taskbar or using the keyboard shortcuts. **When copying and pasting, the time card information is submitted automatically. Users must click on the time card to review the information.

Error Messaging

Sometimes a time card will require more information. Below are the standard error messages users might see if this is the case.

  • Team Members with time on multiple time cards for any given day are flagged as follows:

  • Team Members with less than 8 daily hours are flagged as follows:

  • Team Members with less than 40 weekly hours are flagged as follows:

  • Team Members with more than 40 weekly ST hours are flagged as follows:

Users can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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