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Guest Mode - Sharing and Tracking Rhumbix Forms Beyond the Rhumbix Platform
Guest Mode - Sharing and Tracking Rhumbix Forms Beyond the Rhumbix Platform
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Need to share and track a Rhumbix form to someone outside of your Rhumbix platform? This can be accomplished through Rhumbix's Guest Mode workflow. Using the Guest Mode workflow, Rhumbix users gain complete visibility into ticket approval status, including with external contacts (such as clients, GCs, etc.).

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on accessing and utilizing Guest Mode in Rhumbix.


Rhumbix Guest Mode offers two main features: the ability to share a form with permissions of View Only or with Signature permissions. Note that all forms allow users to share as View Only, while T&M Forms and customized forms enable users to request signatures.

Accessing Guest Mode on the Web Dashboard

Subcontractors can access Guest Mode through a created form. Below is an example of the Guest Mode workflow using a T&M form..

Under the Field Forms menu, select T&M Tracking.


Select the T&M form you wish to Share.


Once selected an Actions Menu bar displays at the top of the forms list. Select SHARE to enter the Guest Mode workflow.

Alternatively, you can open the form by selecting VIEW. Once the form opens, you will find different options on the top right. To send the document in Guest Mode, select Share.

* For T&M Forms users, you will have the option to add email addresses to either “View Only” or “Request Signature.”

** For all other Forms users, you will have the option to only add email addresses to “View Only.”

To add recipients, type email addresses in the text box. Select Add Email. Select “View Only” or “Request Signature” to the right of the email field.


You can add as many email addresses as you like. The email addresses will be added to the list below. An email address with a green checkmark means it is ready to send the form. Once all the email addresses are added to the list, select "Share" to send using our standard message.


You can customize the email by editing this message prior to sending.

Make any desired changes to the email message and then select Share.

You’ll know the form is sent when the confirmation message appears in the bottom left.


The recipient will receive an email from To access the form. they will select Access T&M Tracking #.


The recipient will be asked to confirm their email to access the form for security purposes.


Once they have access to the form, they will be subject to the View or Sign permissions you attached to their email.


If they have Sign permissions, after signing the form the Guest will need to click Save at the top right to save any edits they’ve made.

They will receive another email from letting them know that their edits have been completed and allowing them to download the PDF of the form.


For more information on T&M forms and next steps, please see the respective links for Subcontractors Standalone Workflow, GC Share Workflow, and Owner Share Workflow.

Users can also find more information on T&M Forms in our Support Center.

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