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How do I add a driver to my policy?
How do I cancel my policy
What is No Claims Discount Protection?
What are the safe daylight hours?
What does the MID do with all my information?
Where can I see your company reviews?
Why have I been rejected for a quote?
MID - How long does it take for a car to come up on the Motor Insurance Database?
Can I make changes to my policy?
Why is there a delay getting my quote?
Do you insure vans?
Do you insure drivers under 19 years old?
Can I change my email address on my account?
Why do you ask for my phone number?
What to do if you mistakenly delete the Rooster App or exit the app half way through the sign up process?
Can I add breakdown cover mid way through my policy?
What happens if my details are incorrect on my insurance documents?
Can I change the insured car on my policy?
How do I supply my NCD certificate?
Do you continue to monitor my driving after the test drive period?
Can I drive other cars?
Do you offer temporary insurance?
How to get a quote?
Minimum requirements to sign up
Android Permissions
Travelling abroad
How many additional drivers can I add to my policy?
Do I need to redo the test drive for a new car?
Provisional license holders
Problems signing up & collecting data
My convictions are incorrect
Do you insure CAT S cars?
Do you insure CAT N cars?
Reporting fraud
Imported cars
Is my car insurance price based completely on my driving?
Test drive has finished but I have not got my quote
Breakdown Cover Options
Why do you need access to my photos and media?
Who do you insure?
Car modifications
Cancellation of breakdown cover
What do I do if my vehicle has been seized/impounded by the police?