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Add R-Groups (Markush Groups) from Editable Molecular Drawings

Markush group labels in your editable molecular drawings can be easily converted to managed R-groups in Rowan Patents. Here's how.

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This article covers the following topics:

  • Importing R-groups with the integrated ChemDraw Tool

  • Importing R-groups Using the Context Menu

  • Now what?

Importing R-groups with the integrated ChemDraw Tool

  1. After adding or editing a molecular structure drawing in the integrated ChemDraw tool, select the Import r-groups from structure option before inserting your drawing into your application.

  2. Labels detected as representing Markush groups rather than elements will be populated in the R-groups Manager.

Importing R-groups Using the Context Menu

  1. Locate the editable molecule drawing within your specification.

  2. Right-click the molecule drawing to open the context menu.

  3. Select the Import R-groups option, underneath the Font and Paragraph sections.

  4. Labels in the molecule drawing will be examined, and detected Markush groups will be added to the R-groups Manager.

    Note that you can enter the R-groups Manager to inspect imported groups by clicking the link provided in this message.

  5. R-groups that already appear in application text will be tagged as data objects and maintained consistent with changes in the R-groups Manager.

  6. If labels match groups that already exist in the R-groups Manager, they will be omitted from the import.

Note that Markush groups CAN be detected from molecular drawings added to Rowan following the steps in the articles below:

Markush groups CANNOT be detected from non-editable molecule images, such as inserted PNGs, JPEGs, or SVGs.

Now What

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