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Generate a Claim Summary

Quickly and easily transform your claims into summary text for the Brief Summary section of your application following these steps.

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This article covers the following topics:

  • Generate a Summary from Claims

  • Other Options for Summary Generation

  • Reviewing and Changing the Auto-Generation Settings

Generate a Summary from Claims

  1. Select your desired claims.

  2. Select the Summary option from the Claims > Generate menu in the toolbar.

  3. Review and, if desired, amend, the preview text in the Summary dialog, then click the Copy button or select and copy the preview text.

  4. Paste the copied text in the Brief Summary section, or wherever desired.

Other Options for Summary Generation

You can also generate a summary using the option under the Specification > Generate from Selected Claims menu


the More Claims Options menu


for a single claim, the context menu that appears when you right+click a claim.

Reviewing and Changing the Auto-Generation Settings

  1. Click the Tools button in the toolbar and navigate to the Settings tab if needed

    OR Select the Settings option under the Tools menu.

  2. Review and make your desired changes using the controls for Claim to Summary Generation.

    Note that changes to the Claim to Summary Generation template are applied going forward, but not retroactively to previously generated summary text.

    Note also that these settings are stored at a file level. If you customize these fields for a particular client, we recommend you set up a base or starting file with the desired settings applied, then open that file and save as a new .rp document for future applications for that client.

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