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Work with Rowan AI Chat

Our optional AI chat interface lets you securely leverage the power of OpenAI GPT4 within our Integrated Drafting Environment. Here's how.

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  1. Talk to your Rowan Patents Account Manager about accessing Rowan AI Chat.

    This feature is only provided upon request.

  2. Once access to Rowan AI Chat is granted, locate and click the AI Assistant icon in the right-hand sidebar of the main application window.

  3. Type your prompt into the field provided


    Select text in your application and click one of the provided options to compose a prompt.

    Note that the options provided are contextual and are based on the amount of text you've selected.

  4. Click +Add prompt assistance if desired, and Rowan will search for applicable parts of your current application and populate your prompt with that context automatically.

  5. Click Clear all text to start over, or click Send to send your prompt for OpenAI evaluation.

    Note that clicking Send is the only way your data will ever be sent for OpenAI processing. We will never collect and send data without your express request.

    Rowan AI Chat is built on the OpenAI API. Per OpenAI policies, information sent via this API is not used to train their model and is not stored beyond 30 days.

  6. Review the OpenAI-generated text provided in the chat interface. Click the arrow next to the AI text to insert it into your application at your current cursor location

    Click the Regenerate message button or type a new prompt to receive updated results.

Contact your Rowan Patents Account Manager to request more information on data security while using Rowan AI Chat.

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