Add the RSVP widget to your website

Allow guests to book directly from your website

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You spent time and effort putting together your website, so let's keep your visitors there rather than sending them away. 

If you have a web designer, s/he can easily access the necessary information and guide to getting it up and running from the RSVP admin. They will need a Guest account. One can be created at

CLICK HERE to see how to grant them access.

 1.     Log into the RSVP admin (

2.     Click on the desired restaurant

3.     Click on the Integration tab

4.     Follow the steps to add the widget to your site. 

5.     Once you are ready to add the widget to your site/s, click the Add URL button in the top section of the Integration tab. A pop-up will appear with a field where you can enter the site's address where the widget should be approved by RSVP.

NOTE: Your guests will be unable to book unless the URL has been approved. Copy the URL from the address bar to ensure that you have the correct address (it needs to be exactly as you see it in the address bar).

Tips for different site builders


In order to add a widget to Squarespace, you need to have the Business or Commerce package. If you do not have one of these, you have the option to add a link to RSVP where your vouchers can be purchased.

Take a look at Squarespace's guide on where to add the code to your website at


For Wordpress, you need to add the Header Script in the Header section of a Wordpress page. Then, copy and paste the Body Code into the content section of the page.


We don't recommend Wix due to general compatibility issues with external services. However, if you do choose to use Wix, you will need to use the HTML iframe feature. Copy and paste the code into the correct area. See Wix's help article HERE.

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