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When do I get the money from my event sales?
When do I get the money from my event sales?

Keep tabs on when money is paid out.

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Once your event has finished, RSVP pays out your funds within 48 business hours. There may be some rare occasions where we will take the decision to wait an extra 24-48 business hours if we can see that you had a large number of ticket sales last minute that have not yet cleared. This is to ensure that we save you as much in transfer fees as possible. Note that we do not charge you transfer fees, but your bank may per transfer received.

Once the money has been paid out from RSVP it usually takes 2-3 business days for you to receive the money in your account.

Note: be sure you have entered your bank account details in the Profile Settings section of the admin so we know where to send your money. If there is a delay, it can be due to missing information. See how to do so HERE.

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