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Create a new table layout for your restaurant
Create a new table layout for your restaurant

Create and save multiple layouts that you can link to your various Seating Rules

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Table Layouts, which are housed on your admin, are one half of the combination that helps the RSVP system determine availability when guests book and where to allocate those bookings. They also serve as the visuals on the FOH when you manage bookings in the Table Layout view.

 1.      Log into the RSVP admin and click on the Table Layout tab. 

2.     Click on the Add Layout button in the upper righthand corner. 

3.     A dialogue box will open with 3 table shape icons and a grid. Be sure to give the layout a name (e.g. Dining Room, Bar, Terrace, etc.) that is easily recognizable.

Note: You can create table layouts that are only used seasonally or are kept offline (i.e. private dining room).

4.     To begin adding the tables to the layout, click on one of the icons with a "+." Once you have done so, you will see a new table appear on the grid.

5.     Drag it into the position you would like.

Tip: Try keeping the spacing between the tables and to the edges to a minimum. The natural thing to do would be to add more space for easier navigation in the FOH. But, the system actually takes the edges of the outside tables and 'zooms' to fit everything into the screen. That means the more scattered the tables, the smaller each table icon will actually appear on the FOH.

6.     The table will currently show a "0" at the top and "0-0" at the bottom. The top 0 is the name of the table and the range (0-0) is the minimum / maximum number of guests. Double click on the table to change this. A dialogue box will appear.

7.     Give the table a new minimum and maximum number of guests it can seat as well as a name, then click Save. Remember, you can always overload the table from the FOH, but the system needs to know the limits for online bookings.

8.     Next, provide some additional preferences, if you wish.

Booking priority - Add a priority number if you have a preference for the order tables get booked. The higher the number, the earlier the table gets booked.

Scale X, Scale Y - Change the size / shape of how the table displays on the FOH. X = width, Y = height

Sort Order - Custom arrange the order your table numbers show in the FOH’s Schedule View, with 1 being first on the list. Any tables without a Sort Order number will sit at the top of the list. If you do not provide your own order, the system will display tables in the order they were created. See image below.

9. Decide if the table is also one of the following options:
Manual Booking Only - keeps the table offline and makes it only bookable by you
Is Combined Table - combines smaller tables together. DETAILS HERE
Is Communal - allows system to assign multiple bookings to the same table

10.    Continue adding all your tables to the layout and remember to save your work regularly.

11.    Once you have created the table layouts, you will be able to link them to Seating Rules, which is the next tab in the admin.

We always want to ensure you have the correct setup, so chat with us or write us at with any questions.

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