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Collect additional booking info from your guests
Collect additional booking info from your guests

Gather company details for invoices, addresses, or event specific preferences

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Decide on a per event basis whether you want to or need additional information from your guests. You will be able to either make this optional or required during the booking process.

CLICK HERE to get walked through the event creation process on the event editor.

 1.     Open up the Additional Booking Info step of the editor.

Note: this is only visible if you first selected the option in the Settings step.

2.     Click the Add Additional Booking Info button

3.     A dialogue box will appear where you can select the field type and the Name. The latter is the text that will show above the field, so it can be formed as a question or a statement. 

4.     Click dropdown arrow for Type. You will see two options - True / False and Text. True / False is a Yes / No option the guest can select. Text allows them to enter free form text. Select the appropriate option.

5.     If the field is required in order for the guest to proceed, check the IsRequired option then click Save. When you use the True / False type, you cannot select the IsRequired option as well.

6.     The additional booking info item will appear in the section after you save. If you need to edit or delete it, use the pencil or trash bin icons to the right of the desired item.

Note: Add as many fields as you wish, but remember that they will appear to the guest in the order that they are created.

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