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A basic guide to setting up a new event listing

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Once you have created a new organization, you will be directed to the RSVP admin where you will be on the My Events tab. If you are logging in to the system again as an organizer, you will also see this view. 

Follow the steps below to breeze through creating an event.

Access Editor

Click on the button with a "+" sign in the upper righthand corner to create a new event. If you are creating an event for the first time, you can also click on the Click here to get started button.

A new page will load with a few steps. We have designed this out so that you will only see the most basic steps when you create an event. If you choose to use some of the more advanced features, the corresponding steps you will need to complete will only appear as needed. 

Event Info

Fill out all the required information in the Event Info step in order to proceed. This includes the Description field. A URL for the event will be automatically generated. If you want to use a custom URL, you can change this by editing the field. As long as the URL is available, you will be able to proceed.

Click Save & Next to create the event. The following steps will now be available for editing.

As you go along, easily preview your event. CLICK HERE for an explanation.

Upload Images

Upload a photo by clicking the Add Image button. You can always come back to this step later. 

Once you select an image from your device, you will be able to use the viewfinder to crop your image to the parameters. 

Tip: It is much easier if you only select landscape orientation images that have already been resized to 1200px X 500px or any larger size with a similar ratio.

You will see two viewfinders - one rectangular and one square. The rectangular one is for the banner image on your main event listing. The square one is what shows on the Experiences section of the RSVP website where guests can discover your event.

Click Upload Image

If your image was successfully uploaded, it will appear as a thumbnail. You have the option to upload multiple images to utilize the carousel option in the event listing's banner image section. Multiple images will appear in a row as thumbnails.


The next step helps you create the various tickets you will offer. You can also consider them as seatings for a dining event. CLICK HERE for a detailed explanation.


Settings is broken down into two sections - Event Access and Bookings & Payments - each with a number of options below them. Each of these have a corresponding explanation or help article to help you decide if / when you should use it.

Note: be sure to click Save & Next for the settings you have selected to take effect

Event Access

  • Enable waitlist when sold out - guests will be able to join a waitlist for the event that shows in the Bookings section

  • Require each guest's details - capture not just the person booking's information but that of each guest who is attending. Use carefully as it can make the booking experience much more cumbersome. It is also not guaranteed that the information will be accurate

  • Use Ticket Types - view the Use Ticket Types in Settings section. This is different than the Tickets section explained above

  • Add Collaborators - the option you see under Settings is for a specific event and not for your entire organization's activities

  • Use Additional Booking Info - gather extra details from each booking (e.g. company name, VAT number, address, etc.)

  • Automatically reveal secret location - how many hours before the start of a guest's booking time should the venue address be revealed? The location will be kept secret until then if you choose this option.

  • Timezone - select the timezone of the event

Bookings & Payments

Once you are ready to start selling tickets, CLICK HERE for a quick intro.

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