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What types of communications templates does RSVP offer?
What types of communications templates does RSVP offer?
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We believe a key part of the guest experience is receiving clear communications from start to finish of their journey with you. So, we have built a powerful communications section where you can easily create specific messages to be sent for each day of the week, service, or specific period.

Each of the below communications types can be customized in both email and SMS.

  • Confirmation (also used for any automatic notifications of changes in a booking)

  • Reminder

  • Cancellation

  • Waitlist

  • Require payment - a manual booking created by the restaurant that a guest needs to pay for or leave their credit card details to confirm

  • Payment terms - shows to guests at the time of entering credit card details

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Feedback - if you activate our custom feedback form feature, this message shows in the email guests receive along with the link to the form

See how to customize the templates HERE and what dynamic info can be added HERE.

RSVP also has an add-on feature where you can fully customize the design and questions for guest feedback and receive the corresponding statistics. Reach out to us via chat or at to learn more.

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