Keep track of gift voucher sales

Guide on how can you check how many gift vouchers are being sold

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If you chose to set up the voucher tool, here's how you can check the number of vouchers or items that have been purchased and by whom. 

 1.     Login to the RSVP Admin (

2.     Access the Restaurant FOH 

3.     Select the the desired restaurant 

4.     The 'Hamburger' menu in the top left corner will give you a list of options from where you can select Gift Vouchers.

Et voilá! Here you can find all gift vouchers that have been purchased, the contact details of each guest, and the expiration date for each voucher. 

Please note that you will have to redeem them manually if you are not using the RSVP Restaurant Booking System. 

CLICK HERE to learn how to redeem or validate vouchers.


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