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Changing your communications templates' custom banner image/s
Changing your communications templates' custom banner image/s

RSVP's emails are sent with a default image, but you can change it to better suit your brand

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Note: when you change the banner image on a communications template, it will change for every restaurant in your Organization that has that attached to a rule. To have restaurant-specific visuals and text, we recommend creating separate templates, one each (according to the correct purpose), for your restaurants.

To learn more about attaching rules, CLICK HERE.

1. Log into the RSVP admin (

2. Find your restaurant under My Restaurants, click in, then select Communications. All existing templates for your Organization will show there.

3. Either select Add Communication or edit an existing one. A dialogue box will appear. Ensure there is an easily recognizable name for the template and then select "Change Email Banner Image." You will now be able to select a file from your device.

4. Add your custom text then click Save. If you don't want add custom text, click into the box, add a space with your spacebar, then click Save.

5. Your template, if you are creating a new one, will appear at the bottom of the list. Find the template, expand the details using the arrow on the left, then click Test Email. The system will send a test email to the Contact Email you have entered in the Settings section of your restaurant editor.

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