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View guest profiles and booking history
View guest profiles and booking history

Check your guest's profile and booking history to be best prepared for their visit.

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Knowing your guests before they come into your restaurant will make the service easier for your team. Whether it's an allergy you need to inform the kitchen about or knowing how many times they've come already - checking the guest profile and booking history will help you with that.

1. Click on the Guest option from the hamburger menu in the upper lefthand corner

2. Search for your guest by name, email, or phone number. If you are a part of a group, check All Restaurants to ensure the system is searching across all sites. The guest profile appears, if they exist.

You can view the profile and make/add changes to it with the pencil icon in the upper righthand corner. Click here for more details.

3. To view the booking history, click on the 'i' icon on the top righthand corner and a panel will open up from the right side.

4. You're able to see how many times the guest has come to your restaurant, when and with how many people. You'll also see how often he/she has canceled a booking or was marked as a no-show.

5. Under the Message tab, you can follow all conversations with the guest.

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