More control when selling Extras

A more tailored set-up when up-selling to guests

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If you decide to have more control over the Extras you want to sell to your guests during the booking process, the system gives you several options to do so.

As explained in this article, you are able to set up all kinds of items or services in the 'Shop' and through the pop-up window that appear when 'adding an extra', you have the following choices:

- Name

- Price

- Date range for when the item/service is available to buy

- Min and max quantity of the item/service in total

- Default quantity that will appear when guests select this item (of course they can change it as they like)

- Do you have several different items/services on sale and want to group them? Add your own ID and group name

- also limit the quantity of the groups, if needed

- select whether the guest can book it during the booking process (select 'visible during booking') or make it offline and your team can use it

- add a description

You're done! Check out the process yourself before going live, as you might want to adjust things along the way.

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