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Record and manage notes with our Quick Note-Taking feature
Record and manage notes with our Quick Note-Taking feature

Create notes and manage them with hashtags and smart filtering system

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Notes are an important part of a scouting report. Sometimes you just want to quickly note something down or search for a specific note. Scoutpads quick note-taking feature has options to manage notes, add notes and make formatting changes to notes as well.

The content is easy to find and automatically shared with the Group Admin… all you have to do is add a new note.

Create notes and tag them

Here's how you can do it. It's very simple!

  1. Open the player evaluation bubble and click on NOTES.

  2. Enter your note and add any tag you want with ADD TAG to help you stay organized and find your note efficiently.

  3. Use tags that you associate with each player or position and click on CREATE TAG.

Tags are a great way to separate your content into different categories and make it easier for you to find the notes you are looking for. The more notes you create, the more helpful tags are.

Modify notes on PDF

You can also add and adjust notes afterwards on the pdf file. Remove tags that have already been added and create new ones, or even give final ratings including notes.

Search notes and filtering content

The notes of your scouting reports are putting all together and are synchronized with the new added NOTES section on the player detail page. Necessary: The player you create a note for has been added to your watchlist before!

Here you can manage all notes of your watchlist players, search for them and add new notes as needed. A note is generally structured as follows:

  • Title (= match name and minute, if not changed manually)

  • Content

  • Match name

  • Note creator

  • Time of note creation

The filter on the left allows you to filter your player notes by matches, tags or even scouts. Using the tag filter, this will filter through all notes on this player and return notes by this single value tag. The numbers indicate the amount of notes that are filtered with the tag.

To search for a specific note, just tap on the search box and type in what you want to search for. For example, if you search for "Goal", the result will show you all your notes that contain the word "Goal". By + you can add a new note on this player.

Team comments on a match report are not listed separately here. These are added to each note from this match at the bottom.

Note: Once a note is saved, it will show up under the notes section on the player detail page, visible to any user who has the visibility permission to see that note. As for match reports and watchlist players, a group admin has access to all team members notes and can manage them, while a simple user only has access to his own data.

Delete or modify a note

If you want to edit a note, you can do so after clicking on the pencil button next to the note title in the upper right corner. To delete the note permanently, tap on the trash can.

WARNING: Once you confirm the deletion of a note, this process can't be undone and the note will be permanently removed from your database.


Check out our short video for getting started with the new note-taking feature:

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