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Linking your bank to Sharesies
Linking your bank to Sharesies

Learn more about how Sharesies links to your bank

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Sharesies uses open banking to link with your bank directly, and track transactions on the accounts you choose to fund your round-ups and linked bank Wallet top-ups.

Basiq Pty Ltd (ABN 95 616 592 011) (Basiq) supports this bank linking functionality through Sharesies. Basiq operates a data aggregation platform (Platform) to retrieve and collate the data from your linked bank account, with your express permission.

Linking with your bank takes just a minute, and enables Sharesies to securely send payments and access info about your bank accounts to help with tracking your round-ups.

How we keep you safe:

  • you’re in control- choose which account to track or unlink your bank at any time

  • private by default- your data isn’t sold or shared with third parties unless we’ve let you know

  • it’s secure- your data is encrypted to the same standard as all the major banks.

Some things to know:

  • you can only link your Sharesies account with one bank, but as many transaction accounts or credit cards from that bank that you like

  • you won’t be able to link with all banks at this time, so if you’re not able to see your bank, you won’t be able to use round-ups

  • if one of your linked cards is lost or stolen, your account is not at risk as we only deal with your account, not your card itself. However, you can still unlink the account associated with your card from your account which you can do anytime in explore > round-ups > accounts to track or send money from

  • You can unlink or edit the bank provider you have chosen at any time through account > bank accounts and cards

For more, see our bank linking T&Cs.

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