You can send Sharesies Gifts to existing Sharesies investors, and people who haven’t started an account yet. You choose the amount you'd like to gift—from $5 NZD to $2000 NZD—and pay using a debit or credit card.

Sharesies Gifts in NZD can only be redeemed by New Zealand investors.

When you redeem a Sharesies Gift, the money goes into your Sharesies Wallet in NZD. Once it’s in your Wallet, you can exchange this money to AUD or USD if you’d like to invest in Australian or US shares.

Any Sharesies Gift money in your Wallet must be invested before it can be withdrawn.

Sharesies Gift fees

The total amount charged will be the amount of the Gift, plus a card processing fee.

Sharesies Gifts cannot be exchanged, refunded, or redeemed for cash.

Sharesies Gifts Terms and Conditions

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