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How Sharesies makes money
How Sharesies makes money

Sharesies makes money a few ways, such as by charging fees and earning interest on money sitting in your Sharesies Wallet.

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  • You pay us a transaction fee when you buy or sell most investments.

  • You may pay us a fee for a plan.

  • Fund providers might pay us to have their funds on Sharesies.

  • You pay us a currency exchange fee when you exchange money.

  • We earn interest from any money in your Wallet.

  • You pay us a card processing fee when you use a debit or credit card to top up a Sharesies Wallet or buy a Sharesies Gift.

  • You may pay us a fee to transfer your shares into or out of Sharesies.

  • We earn commission on money in Save accounts—it’s the difference between the interest rate you earn and the interest rate we receive from the bank where the money is held.

  • You may pay us a fee if we close your account in some circumstances.

  • We may earn money from external relationships.

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