Auto-invest orders go out after 12 PM on the day they're set for.

The money for your order is taken from your Sharesies Wallet in New Zealand dollars (NZD). We recommend setting up an automatic payment from your bank account to land in your Wallet the day before your auto-invest is due to go out. You can set up an auto-invest order from as little as $5.

Transaction and management fees apply to auto-invest orders.

To create a new auto-invest order:

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Select the Invest tab.

  3. Select the Auto-invest tile.

  4. Choose from one of our three pre-made orders: Responsible, Global, or Kids order (only available for Kids Accounts). You can also choose your own funds to make a DIY order.

  5. Click into each order to check which funds are included. Read the description of the auto-invest order. To create a DIY order, select the funds you want to include. You can only choose NZX-listed ETFs and NZ managed funds for an auto-invest order.

  6. Select your chosen pre-made or DIY order, then Auto-invest in this order. Set the amount, frequency, and start date for your auto-invest, then select Invest.

  7. Read and accept the Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) for each fund.

  8. If you’re creating a DIY order, allocate a percentage of the amount to each fund you choose, until the percentage on the lower left equals 100%.

  9. Your auto-invest is now active! 🙌

Find your auto-invest order anytime under your Portfolio.

Pause, edit, switch, or delete an auto-invest order

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