Here is how to create a regular auto-invest order in your Sharesies account!

Please note that auto-invest orders go out at 12.30pm on the day they're set for from your Sharesies Wallet. We recommend setting up an automatic payment from your bank account to land in your Sharesies Wallet the day before it's due to go out.

How to auto-invest video:

Written instructions:

  • Select Invest
  • Select Auto-invest
  • Choose which order you’d like to set up—you can click into each order to check which funds are included, and find a brief description of the auto-invest order. The DIY order is the only order where you can select which funds you want to invest in—all the rest are pre-made. Please note that you can’t create an auto-invest order with companies at the moment.  
  • Once you’ve selected which auto-invest order you want, you can select your chosen Order > Auto-invest in this order > then set the amount, the frequency of the order, and the date you want the first order to start. 

Here’s a link to one of our articles that explains how to pause, edit, switch or delete an auto-invest order

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