Now you have the ability to create an order to automatically buy investments—woohoo!

To do this, you:

  • Select Invest
  • Select Auto-invest
  • Choose which order you’d like to set up—you can click into each order to check which funds are included, and find a brief description of the auto-invest order. The DIY order is the only order where you can select which funds you want to invest in—all the rest are pre-made. Please note that you can’t create an auto-invest order with companies at the moment.  
  • Once you’ve selected which auto-invest order you want, you can select your chosen Order > Auto-invest in this order > then set the amount, the frequency of the order, and the date you want the first order to start. 

Here’s a link to one of our articles that explains how to pause, edit, switch or delete an auto-invest order

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