Reset two-factor authentication (2FA)

If you’re locked out of your account, or can’t access your authenticator app, you’ll need to complete an identity check.

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Message the team at to complete this process.

If your verification code isn’t working

It’s possible that your code has expired, or is being copied across incorrectly or incompletely. Try using a new code.

If you’re locked out of your Sharesies account

We’ll need to do a quick check to confirm your identity. You need to email the Sharesies team at with some proof of identification and complete a few steps. We’ll let you know what these are.

Once the team has verified your identity, we’ll manually turn off 2FA under your account.

Once you have access to your Sharesies account

You can choose to set up 2FA again. You’ll need to make sure you have access to an authenticator app.

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