Set up two-factor authentication (2FA)

Turn on 2FA to add an extra layer of security to your account. This is an opt-in feature.

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How 2FA works

At Sharesies, we have many layers of security measures in place to protect your investments and identify fraudulent activity on the platform.

For an extra layer of security on your account, you can set up 2FA. While 2FA is turned on, you’ll need to enter your password and a code from your authenticator app every time you log into your account. 2FA makes it much harder for anyone else to get into your account—even if someone gets hold of your password.

To set up 2FA on Sharesies, you’ll need to download a valid third party app to your phone or tablet that supports time-based one time passwords (TOTP). Some popular (and generally free to use) examples of these apps are:

  • Google Authenticator

  • Authy

  • Microsoft Authenticator

  • LastPass Authenticator.

It’s important to note that once you’ve set up 2FA, you’ll need to have access to your authenticator app. Without the ability to generate codes, you run the risk of being locked out of your Sharesies account. How to reset 2FA on Sharesies.

We strongly recommend that you don’t let anyone else access your 2FA codes. Either set up the authenticator app on a device that only you use, like your phone, or use an authenticator app with a PIN code if it’s installed on a shared tablet or computer.

Set up 2FA on Sharesies (mobile or web)

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Head to Account > Security.

  3. Select ‘Set up 2FA’ and enter your Sharesies password.

  4. Download an authenticator app (like the ones mentioned above).

  5. Paste the key you see in Sharesies into your authenticator app to generate a 6-digit verification code. The verification code is time-based, and will expire after a certain amount of time. If it expires, you’ll need to use a new code.

  6. If this doesn’t work, you can scan a QR code on a mobile device instead (the QR code should automatically appear on a desktop).

  7. Enter the verification code from the authenticator app in Sharesies.

  8. Once you’ve entered the 6-digit code, select ‘Turn on 2FA’. You will see an ‘On’ flag once 2FA is turned on and good to go.

Turn off 2FA

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Head to Account > Security.

  3. Select Turn off 2FA.

  4. Head to your authenticator app and copy your new 6-digit verification code. Enter the code from the authenticator app in Sharesies and select ‘Turn off 2FA’.

  5. The flag will show as ‘Off. Turn 2FA back on at any time by following the ‘Set up 2FA’ process above.

If you’re having trouble, reach out to the team at

Change 2FA to a different phone or authenticator app

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Head to Account > Security.

  3. Select Turn off 2FA.

  4. Access your usual authenticator app and generate and copy a new 6-digit verification code. Head back into your Sharesies account and paste the verification code into the code field provided. Select Turn off 2FA.

  5. Select Set up 2FA and follow the prompts to set up 2FA with the authenticator app you want to use.

If you’ve lost access to your authenticator app, reach out to the team at

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