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You have the ability to connect your Sharesies Portfolio to a Sharesight account.

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A bit about Sharesight

Sharesight is an online portfolio tracking tool that you can use to track the performance of multiple investments. It takes into account the impact of capital gains, dividends, brokerage fees, and currency fluctuations when calculating returns. Sharesight can also generate in-depth reports that can be helpful when tax time rolls around.

How it works

You can connect to a new or existing Sharesight account from within Sharesies. It’s not currently possible to connect a Kids Account to Sharesight. When connecting your accounts, you can choose to send your past Sharesies transactions to Sharesight. And once your Sharesies Portfolio is connected, details of any future buy and sell transactions will be automatically sent to Sharesight. (Transaction data is fed through to Sharesight approximately every few minutes.)

Sharesight can track most of the investments available through Sharesies, but the number of investments you can track at one time will depend on what Sharesight plan you have.

To connect to Sharesight:

  1. Go to your investment portfolio > Manage

  2. Select ‘Connect to Sharesight’. You’ll be automatically redirected to Sharesight to either log in to your existing account, or create a new one. From there, you’ll be asked to authorise access to your Sharesight portfolio.

  3. Enter your Sharesies password to continue with the process.

  4. Choose which Sharesight portfolio you want your Sharesies buy and sell transactions to be sent to, and select the pink Connect button. You’ll see the name of your Sharesight portfolio appear once the integration is complete.

  5. Sweet! Your Sharesies Portfolio is now connected to Sharesight. It may take a few minutes for your trades to start appearing in Sharesight.

Transaction limits

Sharesight has a limit to the transactions it can track. You can have up to 6,000 total transactions, and up to 1,000 transactions per investment.

Error messages

There’s a few reasons why your Sharesies Portfolio might not be able to connect to Sharesight, including:

  • You exceed Sharesight’s transaction limits. You’ve got over 6,000 past buy and sell transactions, or 1,000 buy and sell transactions for an individual investment. This is above the limit that can be sent to Sharesight.

  • There’s a lost connection. This could be because the Sharesight account no longer exists, you’ve removed the connection in Sharesight, or there’s an error that’s preventing Sharesies from completing the integration.

  • There’s a temporary loss of connection to Sharesight’s API. We’ll try again when we can to send through any new buy or sell transactions.

Why your returns may differ between Sharesies and Sharesight


Sharesies adds the net dividends paid (what you receive after any tax has been paid) to your total return, rather than the gross dividend amount. Sharesies also includes dividend income in your total return from the date the dividend is paid to your Wallet, as opposed to from the ex-dividend date.

Exchange Rates

Sharesies uses the exchange rate displayed in the Sharesies app when estimating the value of your Portfolio in New Zealand dollars (NZD) which may differ from the exchange rate used by Sharesight.

Sharesies tracks currency gains and losses on investments on overseas exchanges when estimating your Portfolio value and Portfolio returns. Due to delays between the time you exchange money and the time a buy order is filled, any currency fluctuations that happen during this time won’t be reflected in your estimated Portfolio returns.


Sharesight’s performance calculations use annualisation—this is when the average years an investment is held for is factored into the percentage return. If you have investments that you have held for over one year, you may find there are differences in the returns percentage between Sharesies and Sharesight. Learn more about Sharesight’s calculation methods.

Disconnect your Sharesies Portfolio from Sharesight

To disconnect from Sharesight:

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Go to your investment portfolio > Manage

  3. Next to the name of your Sharesight portfolio, select Disconnect.

  4. You’ll see a pop up, confirming you wish to disconnect your Sharesies Portfolio from Sharesight. If you want to continue, select the pink Disconnect button. Enter your Sharesies password to continue.

Your Sharesies Portfolio is no longer linked to Sharesight. You can connect your Portfolio again at any time by selecting Connect to Sharesight.

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